Willis Wonderland: The Legendary House of Atomic Kitsch Pop-Up Book


Willis Wondelrnad Pop-Up Book

Introducing the ultimate architectural pop-up book, chock-full of colorific, eye-popping details of a one-of-a-kind 1937 Streamline Moderne home and its vintage furnishings, lovingly designed and curated by Hall of Fame songwriter and “Queen of Kitsch” (New York Times), Allee Willis.

Willis Wonderland will deliver a fresh take on multi-dimensional, movable books. Like the home itself, it will contain surprising easter eggs throughout the spreads that will delight and inspire – no 3D glasses required!

Built in North Hollywood, and rumored to be the party house for MGM Studios, Allee bought the home in 1980, after being on food stamps, with her first royalty check from the Earth, Wind & Fire classic she co-wrote, “Boogie Wonderland.” Hence, Willis Wonderland.

Grammy/Tony/Emmy winning and nominated songwriter, celebrated for co-writing hit songs “September,” “Neutron Dance,” the “Friends” theme song, and “The Color Purple” musical and movie, Allee’s compositions have sold over 60 million copies. In 2018, just a year before her untimely passing, she was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The secret to her supersonic success was immersing herself in visual wit and whimsy for an unstoppable stream of inspiration. Willis Wonderland was her creative muse.

Exploding with the wonderment of Allee’s collections and creativity, on each page the pop-up element features the unique architecture of that room or space and is surrounded by highly designed illustrations of Allee’s fabulous furnishings, cool collectibles, and klassic kitsch.

Co-written and designed by Hillary Carlip, the book will be released in Fall of 2024.

"It’s as if the Jetsons hired Willy Wonka to be the interior designer."
LA Times

WW pop up book cover

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